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01. Supervisor Obligations

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The obligations of the Supervisor are:

  • Ensure that no question catalogue or summary is being created or used at any time.
  • Inform Mintra about any inadequacies encountered (e.g., unsolvable or unclear questions/answers, existing question catalogues).

Prior the test:

  • Ensure that the trainee’s computer is properly connected to the internet.
  • Check the trainee’s personal details (Name, Date of Birth, Nationality) in the Trainingportal are correct and matching to the trainee’s national ID (the entered data will be printed on the certificate).
  • If personal details are incorrect, make the correction. In case the Supervisor’s account is limited to a Supervisory role only, contact Mintra to request to make the necessary changes.
  • Only enable the trainee to start the test if the ID check is passed.

Throughout the test:

  • Ensure that trainee is present in the test room at any time throughout the test.
  • Trainee performs the test undisturbed.
  • Trainee completes the test by himself/herself without assistance (Supervisor may assist in technical and/or non-content related matters only!).
  • Does neither create nor use any kind of question catalogue or summary.

In order to ensure proper conduct of the tests, Mintra retains the right to take appropriate measures to counter any abuse and neglecting of the supervisor rights, including but not limited to withdrawal of the supervisor rights.

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9 people found this article helpful