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2.17.02 Release Note

Please notice that this version of Self Service requires minimum OCS HR 26.00.00 to run.

New functionality

Shift planning tool for the ferry industry

For the last 18 months, Mintra has been working closely with some of the largest ferry companies to develop a completely new module that handles hour based rotation schedules. The functionality has been created using modern .net technology to be fully available to the administrative organisation, vessels and employees.

It has been developed for the ferry industry but should be interesting for all customers needing a system that can plan and manage plans down to an hourly level, also doing payroll and detailed cost allocation.

Functionality included in the new module:

  • Web-based planning tool for hour based duty planning on multiple connections and vessels
  • Complete overview of employees certificates and checkouts
  • Tools for setting up and managing complex payroll elements. Hour registering and approval functionality
  • Advanced monitoring of Work and Rest regulations. Separate page for register violations
  • Easy to use POB reporting
  • Flexible access for employees to apply for vacant duties
  • Crew planners can do a detailed search for available employees to fill vacant positions or do extra duties
  • etc

This functionality requires a separate licence to be available.

User manual for the shift planning module

New column " Employment Category" when presenting plugin list showing employees

Minor change in the Exposure register form in ESS

Exposure register is available as a separate licence.

Changes made:

  • Change label "Assessment date" to "Start date"
  • Show code and description in the drop-down list for "Inclusion criteria" (language 2, English)
  • Show code and description in the drop-down list for "Quality range" (language 2, English)
  • Hide "Exposure assessment"
  • Hide "Ref assessment"

Error Correction

The predefined lists of competence in the Competence requirements view did not sum op correctly

The total sum figures of requirements shown in the report were not correct. This has been corrected

Documents uploaded from Self Service are stored on the wrong person

In some situations, customers encounter that documents (Certificates) uploaded using Self Service were stored on the wrong person. This has been corrected, and affected customers have been contacted for direct support about this matter.

Plugin "Actor" is unstable on the dashboard

This has been corrected

Requirement during grace period is not showing correctly & consistent in Self Service and OCS HR

  1. The Self Service report of competence requirements has been corrected to show % non-compliant correctly (excluding competence elements still in grace period)
  2. In Self Service the employees are able to enrol themselves on a course undergoing grace period

Name of passengers not visible for approver of expense report

The approver got access to see name of passengers

The "Hired from" filter did not return correct results in multiple views

This has been corrected

The selection "All accessible employees" was not possible to turn off in the Hours approval search

This has been corrected

Not possible to copy compensation to multiple days, when having overlapping activities

The function/button "Copy to multiple days" is not working when there is registered more than one activity in the timekeeping module.

This has been corrected