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03. Certificate management

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The Certificate management page displays a list of all the certificates that have been issued for recipients (certificate holders) through myCert platform. Once you complete the issuing process, the certificates will appear on this page. The main information shown for every certificate are “Certificate Recipient”, “Issue date”, “Expiry date” and “Status”. If a certificate doesn’t have an expiry date, then this field will have no value.

The certificates can have only one status. The statuses are:

  • Valid
  • Expired
  • Revoked

By default, you see only the certificates that are “Valid” or “Expired”.

You can also sort the certificates in ascending or descending order.

Every certificate listed can be revoked or resend. By choosing the resending option, the issued certificate will be sent again to the certificate holder via email which will include the certificate link.

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20 people found this article helpful