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04. Company Account

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Navigate to the My account page:

Register Company

To register a Company account, click on Register company and a new page opens. Fill in the required fields and click on Submit application (red button).

Note: The Company registration has to be approved by Safebridge Support.

Edit Company

Company details can be modified by clicking on Edit company.

From this page, a Business Admin can:

  • Navigate between multiple Company accounts (If more than one company is registered).
  • Deactivate a Company.
  • Invite a new Business Admin(s).
  • View the invitation status and cancel an invitation.
  • Remove a Business Admin(s).
  • Edit Company information.

If more than one Company is associated with the account, each Company’s details can be edited by selecting the relevant Company from the drop-down menu.

The chosen Company can be deactivated by clicking on Deactivate company. A new window pops-up to Proceed or Cancel the deactivation.

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6 people found this article helpful