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02. Business admin menu

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Part of the SafeMetrix platform is the Users management menu. Click on the Users management tab on the left-hand side to manage the Business Admins, Company Admins and End Users.

Once an option is selected, the related content is displayed on the right. The menu subtopics can be expanded or collapsed.

There is a Search field as well as filtering options by First name, Last name, Email and Date to easily locate a user.

The top right corner displays the Company name that has been registered by the Business Admin.

Business Admin Functions

The Business Admin has full administrative rights and has access to all functions available:

  • Make purchases (as an individual or on behalf of the Company).
  • Invite new Business Admins
  • Create new user accounts (Company Admin and End User in the SafeLearn LMS platform).
  • Assign/reassign courses, monitor user activities, download certificates.
  • Edit Company details, register additional Companies.
  • Modify BA/CA permissions (Select a user and click the *Permissions tab).

Remove a Business Admin

To remove Business Admin rights, access the My Account page, click on Edit company icon, find the user under the Current administrators and click on the Remove icon.

Business Admin permissions can also be modified by unticking the boxes and clicking on Update (grey button) at the bottom of the page.

Click on Cancel (grey button) in the bottom right corner of the page to cancel the process and return to the main Business Admin page.

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1 people found this article helpful