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03. Company admin menu

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A Company Admin account can be created by the Business Admin to assist with administrational tasks on the SafeMetrix platform.

Company Admin Functions

Company Admin rights are limited to the below functions:

  • Add new End Users.
  • Assign/detach/reassign courses (if not started).
  • Monitor user activities.
  • Download certificates.

*Note: The difference between the Business Admin and the Company Admin is that the Business Admin can purchase courses and the Company Admin does not have permission to purchase courses.

Create Company Admin

In order to add a Company Admin, navigate to the Users management panel on the left. Click on the Company Admins from the menu and then on Create Company Admin (grey button).

Either an existing End User can be elevated to a Company Admin or a new account can be created.

To elevate an existing End User, tick the box Select Existing User and a list of all registered End Users will appear within the Search user field. Click on the field to select the End User and then on Elevate (grey button).

To create a new Company Admin, complete the form by filling in each of the fields with the user’s personal details. Once completed, click on Create (grey button) at the bottom.

Note: All fields marked with * are mandatory.

Note: Select at least one permission.

An email with the title You have been granted additional permissions will be sent to the End-user. The End User will have to click on I agree (red button) to accept the invitation and proceed to the Sign In page.

Grant/Disable Permissions

Permissions of the Company Admin can be granted or disabled within the Permissions* tab. Navigate to the Users management panel on the left and click on the Company Admins from the menu.

All the Company Admins will appear in a list. Select the desired Company Admin and click on the Permissions* tab next to the User info tab.

By default, all options are ticked. However, if a checkbox is not ticked the option will not be visible to the Company Admin. Once the permissions are ticked/unticked, click on Update (grey button).

If the Delete (red button) is clicked, the Company Admin rights will be removed from the list and the account will be de-elevated back to an End User role.

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3 people found this article helpful