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Technical description of the API

The course provider API is a RESTful API.

When using this API it is strongly advised to use Tolerant Reader design pattern (see The API may change in a backward compatible way without prior notice (e.g. new optional parameters may be added to request, new fields may be added to response). The order of the fields in a returned JSON/XML is not significant and may change.

JSON/XML response format

Methods can return response represented as JSON or XML. JSON is the default return type. HTTP Accept header can be used to specify response format:

  • no "Accept" header detaults to JSON
  • "Accept: application/json" returns JSON
  • "Accept: application/xml" returns XML


Requests are authenticated using the username and password parameters, which are both mandatory.


All parameters are passed as POST variables.

Error handling

When an error occurs during processing of a request, the following results may be returned:

"errorMessage": "Could not enroll user to class"