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12. Trainingportal offline

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Trainingportal Offline (TPO), works alongside our main Trainingportal Online system to enable you to complete training completely offline when accessing the site from remote locations with limited bandwidth. If your company has the offline TPO enabled and if you are located within a network where TPO has been configured then you will be able to complete your training without the requirement of an internet connection.

Log into TP Offline

You should receive an email from Trainingportal or from your employer containing the specific URL for the offline system. It's important that you access the system using this link as logging in online via the normal site will require a stable internet connection.

To login, please use your standard Trainingportal login details or use the login details that may have been provided to you in an email notification from the system.

If you have forgotten your details, please contact your company's training depart or Mintra Support to have the details reset.

Start your Training Courses Offline

Once you are logged in, you will be taken to the My Training page. You will see the courses that you have been enrolled to listed under the active courses section. To complete an active course, click on the on the Go to course link. Then, select the open module button to start the training.

Note, It can take upto 24 hours for a course assignment to appear offline. You may need to wait until the next synchronisation the following morning before you can complete the course.

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10 people found this article helpful