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06. Change Log

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As an administrator, you will have access to the change log page for users & courses. The change log will allow you to view all of the historical changes that have been made.


After you have selected a user, you can click on the profile section to view the change log. For the specific user, you have selected you will be able to see all of the changes and updates for that profile. The change log will show the most recent enrolments, personal information changes and profile update information. The log is sorted in order of the most recent change, so you can track the full audit trail of the user's profile.

Courses & Competence

The change log is available for each course and competence requirement in Trainingportal. Using the change log for courses, you can see what changes have been made to the course, such as notification changes, price changes and any configuration updates. The log is sorted by the most recent change, so you have a full audit trail of changes made on the specific course that you select. You can also see on competence requirements when they have been removed/added to roles and other requirements.

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3 people found this article helpful