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07. Update an existing course

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We know that courses are under continuous improvement, and you might wish to update an existing course with new information or content. You will find useful information and tips below for how to make changes to your courses.

Update course information

You can amend most course settings from within the Details tab on the course.

Here you can update the course title and description, as well as repetition intervals and course certificates.

Update course content (SCORM courses)

You can upload a new version of content to the existing course.

To add a new version to the course, click Add version and you will be able to upload your new SCORM file.

New users who are assigned the course (and users who have got an active enrolment but not yet started the course) will automatically get the newest version of content. Users who have started the course will remain on the version they started in order to keep their progress.

Tip ! If you would like to move users who have started but not yet completed the course onto the newest version of content, you can do so by resetting their progress from the log icon. You can generate a progression log report to locate users who have not yet completed and are on an older version of the content.

Update course content (PPT converted course)

If you are making smaller corrections to the PPT, you can easily update the existing course with the new PPT as long as the number of pages remains the same.

Find the relevant course, and go to the "content" tab. Click the link to go to the content and then click "edit". Upload your new version of the PPT.

If the number of pages within the PPT have changed, we recommend that a new course is created. This is to ensure that the track record of who has been through which version is kept under control.

Tip ! If the original course has got a repetition requirement tied to it, you can add the new course as the repetition course for the "old" course. This can be added from the "details" tab on the course.

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2 people found this article helpful