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08. Virtual Classroom

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A virtual classroom is an online learning environment where students and instructors can participate at the same time.

Initial Course Setup

The first stage of the Virtual Classroom course is to set up a course shell, which will then allow for further configuration. All steps within this stage can be edited once the course has been created.

Once the course shell has been created, the next step is to configure the course details to use the classroom course functionality. The first important change to the course for setting up the virtual classrooms is to change the course type to classroom or blended (if you want to add e-learning content, pre-tests or exam functionality). Select the edit option for this setting and change it to the required type.

You will now have access to add the relevant e-learning content within the e-learning tab of the course. To add a class go to the Classes tab of the course, and create a new class. Add a suitable name, we often recommend including the date in the title for future reference. Add a short description if required and then select the start and end date for the classroom session. For Virtual Classroom courses, we recommend that you do not show the map information and send the calendar/schedule information to the user. Add the maximum number of attendees, booking & cancellation deadlines before clicking on complete to finish.

Virtual Classroom Configuration

The course has now been set up as required. To turn the classroom session virtual, you must add an instructor who will conduct the class. The instructor can be added from the Users tab. Please note that the name of the instructor may only contain internationally recognized letters, meaning no Norwegian letters may be used.

The final step before publishing the new course will be to make the classroom session a virtual session. Select the required class date and click on the Details tab. Select Add a new session to begin. Select the virtual classroom option and then add a suitable name for the session. We recommend that you state the Virtual Classroom information in the title. Add the start and end time for the virtual classroom session. We recommend for virtual classrooms not to send the schedule information at this point as the schedule information is being sent on the main class set-up. Click Save to complete. To create more sessions go to the Details tab of the class and click Add new session. Make sure to tick the Virtual session box before you save

We recommend that you add a notification email to the class using our standard virtual classroom template. This will provide students with clear instructions on how to join the virtual classroom along with start times etc.

Once the course is finalised, we recommend that you set the course from draft to published. This will allow administrators or students, depending on the enrolment rules, to start booking the course. Navigate to the details tab of the course. Click on edit button and set the status to published. Select the users tab and then click on enrol users. Select the required users and then pick the most suitable class date. Click finish to complete the booking.

Now you've created your first virtual classroom course. The instructor and users can open the course at the appointed time.

Virtual Classroom

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