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10. Why isn't the course registered as completed?

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Did you complete the whole course but it has not registered as complete? The reason for this, may be that some sequences in the course is not fully completed.

You must wait until the next button flashes before you go to the next sequence. Most courses require that all sequences are viewed before the course as a whole is registered as completed.

If your progress has not been recorded at all, were you using some kind of Citrix or VPN service? Or are you aware of any kind of connection issues? This is a known issue related to VPN services or connection issues while taking the course.

For the course to be marked as completed please switch off any Citrix or VPN service running. After this please complete the course one more time and when the course has been completed this time, take a screenshot of the end screen to prove that you have completed the course.

Please then forward this screenshot to our support department and we will have permission to manually mark your course as complete.

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9 people found this article helpful