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11. Course Catalogue

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If your employing company has activated the Course Catalogue section, you will see the tab at the top of the screen. This section will allow you to enrol, request and view available courses in Trainingportal.

Course Catalogue

In the course catalogue section, you will have access to see all of the available training courses. Your employing company can restrict which training courses you can see on this page, so if you are missing any content then please contact your training department.

On the main screen for course catalogue, you will see tiles for all of the courses that you can view. Click on the courses to find out more and to enrol onto the required training.

Enrol In Course

Your employing company will set different enrolment rules for the courses in the catalogue. This means that you may the following option once you have selected the desired course title:

Enrol - If you see the enrol option, you will be able to enrol directly onto the eLearning course and complete it immediately within the system.

Apply for Access - The apply for access option will make a formal request to your manager within the system. When you apply for access, a manager in the system will then need to approve the access to the course before you can complete it. Once the approval is complete, you will have access to complete the course in the My Training section.

Buy Course - If you see the buy course button, then you have the option to pay the for course directly in the system by using a credit card. Once you have paid for the course you will then see the required course in your My Training section.

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12 people found this article helpful