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04. The user's log

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About courses you can reset

  • Some e-learning courses have an exam inside the course with a limited attempts to pass the exam. If users are enrolled to such a course, they will be informed about the limited attempts on the course front page or before they start the exam.
  • If the user do not pass the exam after a specific number of attempts to pass, he has to retake the whole e-learning course before doing the exam again. Before he can start the course the log must be reset.
  • If you have the authority to reset the log, you will see a Reset button in the course Log.

How to reset the log and do the course again

  1. Go to the tab Users and to the user
  2. In the course list, click icon for the Log.
  3. In the log, click the red button in the column Reset .
  4. Confirm that you want to reset.
  5. Now the user can start the course again.

Note: This setting is only activated on some courses, so if you can not see the Reset icon in the log, you do not have access to this feature.

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8 people found this article helpful