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March 22 - Trainingportal Newsletter

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Filtering the appraisal view

We have added several filtering options making it easier for an administrator to quickly find and check appraisals.The additional filters include both the appraisal status and the organizational units. Allowing you to select single or multiple options.

Reporting from the appraisal view

A report has been added allowing the administrator to export the filtered appraisal list to spreadsheet format. The spreadsheet created will contain all details from the appraisals including:

  • External id/employment number (if used)
  • Name of appraisee
  • Name of appraiser
  • Appraisee's organizational unit(s)
  • Appraisal status
  • Appraisal responses

The report can be used for comparing or finding candidates with certain scores or as input to other systems like an HRIS system.

Reopen a signed off appraisal

We have introduced the ability for the appraiser to reopen an appraisal if required. During the pilot release, it was identified that appraisals could be locked prematurely without the ability to reopen. When used, the appraisal will be reopened and sent back to the workflow step where both the appraisee and appraiser can make changes. Once both parties have made the desired changes the appraisal can be signed off again.

Displaying the name of the appraiser

Not all appraisees know who their appraiser will be. To provide the appraisee with this information, the name of the appraiser will now be clearly displayed within the appraisal.

Trainingportal Offline

Admin page

The latest version of Trainingportal Offline is currently being tested in a pilot environment. To support our Trainingportal Offline customers we have developed a new Trainingportal Offline Admin page where all sites can be monitored and managed. The admin page will give an administrator an overview of the current state of all remote sites, including:

  • Software version number
  • The last time the site was online
  • The last time the site went offline
  • Synchronization status
  • Operating mode (forced offline)
  • Associated users

An administrator will also be able to perform a number of actions, including:

  • Adding a new remote site
  • Removing a remote site
  • Repair any blocked synchronization attempts
  • Schedule a synchronization attempt
  • Change operating mode (force online)

We have introduced a series of warning icons on sites that have not been in contact with Trainingportal for a number of days and on blocked sites (not shown in this image). Further to this, we have introduced a filter that can be used to filter out sites/vessels that have not been in contact for several days. If you want to see sites/vessels that have not been offline for more than 5 days, activate the filter and add "5" and all sites that were in contact with Trainingportal 5 days ago or more will be displayed.

The latest version of Trainingportal Offline will be available for all customers this summer.

Hints and tips

Want some ideas and advice about Trainingportal features? The Service Centre team has some suggestions to consider.

Dynamic Attributes

In Trainingportal, you can add company-specific fields to all user profiles. If you have information held internally that isn't available in Trainingportal - use the portal specific dynamic attribute option to create these fields directly in the system. Many customers in Trainingportal will use these unique fields for recording the following information for example:

  • Vantage Number
  • Passport Number
  • Job Position
  • Asset
  • Location
  • Payroll Number

Portal administrators will have access to create dynamic attributes within the home screen in Trainingportal. The fields can be created under the "portal configuration" feature on the home screen:

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15 people found this article helpful