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Trainingportal Connector File Solution - Technical Information

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We have developed a course connector file solution to enable us to deliver content to external Learning Management Systems (LMS).

The Mintra Connector files allow us to control the course usage, reporting and course files - whilst allowing you as the customer to upload and deliver the course within your own LMS platform.

Connector files are uploaded to your own LMS just like any other SCORM-compliant eLearning package, however, the full course contents are held on Mintra servers. This means that when users launch the course from your own LMS, the content is still being accessed from Trainingportal. To the end-user, the course appears to be open within your own platform.

What are Connector Files?

Connector Files are small course packages that allow our clients to host Mintras Catalogue of courses from their own Learning Management Systems (LMS). These files "connect" to Trainingportal where the full course content is hosted. When content is updated on Trainingportal, the connector files automatically retrieve the latest course content.

What are the requirements?

You should have your own existing LMS.
The LMS should support SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 course packages.
Some domains may require whitelisting to ensure successfully communication between platforms.,

What is the process to use these?

Upload the package to your LMS
Launch the course as a user
A pop up will appear with a domain and portal ID, this information should be passed to to add to our whitelists.
The courses can then be assigned and launched as normal.

How do they work?
When the learner opens the course, it retrieves the data held in the Learner ID, Learner Name and Course ID field within the client LMS and passes this via HTTPS to Trainingportal.
The course content that is hosted on Trainingportal is then displayed to the user.
If a course is completed the completion is logged on both Trainingportal and the client LMS via standard SCORM API's.

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6 people found this article helpful