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01. Create a new Survey

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Surveys can be a useful tool to collect feedback and thoughts from your employees. You can set up surveys and connect them to courses to have your employees provide feedback and suggestions for improvements. Or, you can communicate surveys separately and use them for e.g. evaluations and elections. Survey participation can be set to anonymous.

How to set up a new Survey

Start setting up your survey by clicking the plus icon on the right hand side within the Survey tab. You will then be asked to give the survey a title. You can also add an introduction and set the survey to be anonymous.

Questions are added in the Content tab of the Survey. You can add multiple choice, free text and rating scale questions.

Examples of grading scales are shown below:

  • A grading scale based on agreement can have this range: Completely disagree, Disagree, Somewhat disagree, Neither agree nor disagree, Somewhat agree, Agree, Completely agree
  • A grading scale based on frequency can have this range: Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Often, Always
  • A grading scale based on importance can have this range: Not at all important, Slightly important, Moderately important, Very important, Extremely important

For each question within the survey, you will be able to define if it is Mandatory to provide a response or if it is optional.

Within the Content tab you can also change the title and introduction if required.

Tip ! You can copy an existing survey, and use this as the base for your new survey. To do this, click into the survey you would like to copy and then select the copy icon on the right hand side.

Publishing the Survey

Before publishing the survey, we recommend that you preview how it looks and make sure you are happy with it. You can do this by clicking the preview survey icon in the top right hand corner. You will then be able to see how the survey will be displayed to the participants.

Once the survey has been set to published you will not be able to add new questions, but you can edit the text in existing questions. If you would like to add additional questions to the survey or change the structure, the survey will have to be set back to Draft status. For you to be able to do this, you will have to delete responses that have come in if there are any.

The survey can be published from the Details tab, and it is now ready to be added to a course or to be sent on e-mail to participants.

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10 people found this article helpful