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01. Marketplace / Course Catalogue

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In the course catalogue you can see all courses that are available for you to book. This will include internal courses that you have created on your portal, as well as courses available on the Marketplace.

Filter and browse the course catalogue

You can search for courses using the search box by typing in keywords. The search engine will search both titles and course descriptions, and the results are sorted by relevance.

You can use the filtering menu on the left to further narrow down your search to locate the appropriate course.

Tip! If you are unsure as to whether or not a course would be suitable to cover your needs and requirements, you can request demo access to a course in order to further review it. You will then be given access to review the course content as a student. Please contact your Key Account Manager if you would like to demo a course.

Activate courses

Internal courses created and published on your own portal are automatically activated and available for you to book.

Courses offered on the Marketplace will have to be activated before you can enroll users. You can activate a course by clicking the Activate button.

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8 people found this article helpful