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02. Course Types

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You can create your own courses on Trainingportal. Courses can consist of e-learning content such as SCORM files, converted PPTs or videos, as well as other activities such as classroom sessions, pre-test, exam, checklist or assignments. If you would just like to add a record for a course taken outside of Trainingportal this can be added in the system as well.

Course types

The course is by default created as an e-learning course, you can change the course type in the Details tab of the course. The different course types are listed below:

E-learning courseThe course can contain e-learning, videos, pre-test and exams. The content will have to be uploaded under the E-learning tab. You can read more about how to upload e-learning content here and how to create content for a pre-test and exam here.
Classroom courseThe course can contain one or more classroom sessions, and can also include a pre-test or exam. Classes should be added within the Classes tab.
Blended courseThe course includes both e-learning and classroom sessions. The course owner can define the e-learning availability and course completion requirements.
Virtual classroom courseA virtual classroom is an online learning environment where students and instructors can participate at the same time. You can read more about this here.
Other course
The course does not contain e-learning content or classroom sessions. Mostly used for record keeping and requires manual completion by admins.
External course
The course is accessed through an external link. Enrolment and course completion takes place outside of Trainingportal. In the course overview tab, click Add component and select External link. Click Continue and type in the address. This course type requires manual completion by admins.
Course package course
A course package is a collection of courses that can be taken in a specified order.

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2 people found this article helpful