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03. Upload e-learning content

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You can create various types of e-learning content and then connect one or more to your course.

Convert PPT

Trainingportal allows you to take a PPT and convert it to an e-learning course. The system will convert your PowerPoint into an e-learning course with a menu and navigation bar. You can convert a PowerPoint from the E-learning tab by selecting the Convert PowerPoint option.

Tip! The titles in the menu are taken from the PPT. For the menu to look as good as possible, please make sure that each slide in your PPT has been given a title before attempting to covert it in Trainingportal.

SCORM course

Trainingportal supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004. You can upload your course file by clicking "Import Content".


You can upload local videos and use these in your courses. Alternatively, you can also link to a video on Youtube.

To upload a video, click the Upload video button.

Tip! To provide the learner with the best user experience, we recommend that larger videos are split into parts. You can add multiple videos to one e-learning course.

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8 people found this article helpful