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01. Trainingportal Offline Overview

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Trainingportal Offline is a Mintra solution for learners who are located offshore in areas where an internet connection is either very slow or non-existent. Trainingportal Offline allows users to be able to access & complete their online training locally onboard the vessel's server. Once the vessel is back within range & receiving an internet connection, this completion is then synchronised to the online Trainingportal system.

How Does Trainingportal Offline Work

Trainingportal Offline works by initially synchronising the student accounts of those who are onboard this vessel via the use of Organisational Units. Portal Administrators can set which organisational units should be synced to each offline site. Once these are synced along with the course content required for students to complete, the students will then be able to log in to their account using the vessel-specific URL & access their training courses. If a user completes a course using the offline solution, this completion will then be synchronised to their online Trainingportal account once the vessel is back within range of an internet connection.

How Trainingportal Offline Work For Students

When students log in to their Trainingportal Offline account, this will appear in the same layout as their Trainingportal online account and have the same functionality allowing them to access & complete their courses without interruption from intermittent internet connection resulting in slower loading times for their courses in order to provide the optimal learning experience.

Where Trainingportal Offline Can Be Used

Trainingportal Offline can be used by customers who have assets that are primarily in areas of the world where an internet connection is difficult to locate or maintain. This includes but is not limited to Cargo Ships & Oil Rigs. Once installed on the assets server, students will then be able to access the system via a computer connected to the server's network.

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4 people found this article helpful