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01. User Roles & System Access Levels

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Trainingportal offers a range of different access levels for administration, the functions available for each of the roles are visible in the below table.

Manager Customisation

The manager role can be customized on the individual portal. Please contact support if you want changes in the manager role. Note that the change will apply to all managers on the portal.

It is possible to prevent managers to approve their own courses and competencies, as well as manually approving competence groups.

It is possible to prevent managers from making enrollments in the administration interface, and to set course completions.

User administration:
It is possible to prevent managers from changing user mass.

Portal AdministratorUser AdministratorCompany AdministratorContent AdministratorCourse AdministratorCourse ProviderManagerManager, Read-Only

View Users

Create Users

View Courses
Enroll Users
Manage Elearning Content
Activate Courses
Create Courses
Manage Template Library
Create Competencies
Enroll Competencies
Approve Competencies
User Reports
Course Reports
Competence Reports
Course Provider Reports

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13 people found this article helpful