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02. Register New Users

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You can register new users in Trainingportal in just a few simple steps.

Within the Users tab, you can register a new user or import multiple users in bulk.

Single User

You can register a single user easily by clicking Register User. A registration form will appear for you to complete. Required fields are marked with an asterisk *. Take care in ensuring the email address you enter is valid and correct. This is the email address that the system will use to send login information and course enrolment notifications.

Please note that the username must be unique across all accounts on the system, and not only unique on your portal.

Multiple Users

It is possible within Trainingportal to import multiple users in bulk from an Excel spreadsheet. This is a very effective way to register multiple users in one go.

To do this, select Import Users and you will be able to download the template in which you can add the relevant information for all of your users. Required fields are highlighted in red.

After uploading the file, the system will flag if any required information is missing, or if there are any conflicts e.g. with usernames not being unique across the entire system. You will then have access to update the information and try again.

If you would like the system to send an email to the users with their login information, remember to tick the box at the bottom for information to be sent before clicking Save.

Tip! You can bulk enrol imported users to courses as part of the final step in the import process. If you want to do this, you should ensure that the courses you would like to enrol the users in have been activated and are available for you to book.

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15 people found this article helpful