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03. Maintaining User Accounts

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It is important to maintain data accuracy for existing employees in Trainingportal. Many customers will choose to integrate user data from their HR systems to effectively manage the changes. However, if you chose to manage this directly in Trainingportal there are efficient ways of updating user data and managing leavers.

User Profile

You can edit a user's profile by locating and selecting their name in the Users tab. Once you select a user, you can edit all of the user profile settings and details. Ensure the user has the correct personal details, the correct organisational units, up to date email address and contact information.


User accounts in Trainingportal have two main status options, Active and Inactive. Employees with an active user account have access to log in and access all of their account features. Inactive users are unable to log in to the system and access is locked. When an employee leaves, or if an employee is on long-term sick leave, you may want to keep training records but prevent the user from logging in. You can set this user account as inactive. Inactive accounts will still have all training records logged in the system, but they can be filtered from reports and statistics to ensure that your reporting is accurate.

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12 people found this article helpful