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04. Question bank results

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You will be able to review the results that have come in on a assessment within the Question bank results tab. This can be useful in improving your training as the assessment results will show you e.g. questions that are often answered incorrectly. You can then make sure to emphasize or make that information clearer in your courses or practical training. Statistics of the results can be reviewed directly in Trainingportal or you can export the results and review the results in Excel.

Question bank Results Dashboard

A question bank can be connected to multiple courses or competence. In the Question bank Results Statistics section you will be able to see a total statistical view of all assessments, or filter it down to specific courses, classes or competences.

Individual responses will be visible within the Responses section.

Question bank Results Report

You can export the question bank results to an Excel report. To do this, select the Export to Excel option. You will then be able to select to include all assessments, or filter on specific courses, classes or competences. The results can also be filtered on time to include responses in a specific period, or only the responses in e.g. the last month.

The report can be generated directly or saved to your account, so that it is readily available to you whenever you need it. You can also subscribe to the report and that way have it sent automatically to you or others on a regular basis. Select the Save report template option to save the report and set up a subscription.

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5 people found this article helpful