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05. Report Scheduling

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You can schedule reports to be sent to yourself (or other admins on Trainingportal) automatically according to a set interval. Should you not wish to have the report sent to you on a regular basis, you can save the report and that way have it easily available to run on an ad hoc basis whenever it is needed.

Save reports and set subscription

Navigate to the Report section, and create your report with the customisation and filtering required. Click the Save report option to save the template and you will be able to give the report a name. The option to set up a subscription will appear automatically. Should you not want to add a subscription, select the No subscription option.

Tip ! If multiple admins need access to the same reports in order to run them on an ad hoc basis, we recommend that a new admin account is created to store the saved reports. The accounts details for this account can then be shared.

Generate report and edit template

You can see your saved templates and subscriptions from the Reports page. Click on Generate report to download the report. To edit the report template or subscription settings, click on the edit icon.

Please note, only administrators have access to reports. If a user with administrator role is subscribed to reports, and the role gets changed to student, the user will no longer receive the reports. The subscription gets disabled. If the access level is changed back to administrator, the reports will be enabled again.

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7 people found this article helpful