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06. Excel Report Formatting and Sorting

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All reports in Trainingportal will download to Excel with similar formatting.

Report Overview

At the top of the report you will find a summary overview of the settings and filtering on which the report has been generated. This overview section is locked, so when you scroll down to see further content of your report, you will still see the top overview section.

For course and competence status reports, you will also find some statistics on completion and expiry. You will see that the statistics summary will update as and when you go to filter in your report. If you filter on e.g. one single user the statistics summary in the overview will change to show updated statistics for just that one single user.

Tip ! If you generate a report and can only see the report overview at the top. You may be using a smaller screen, to see the content of the report zoom out using the - icon in the bottom right hand corner of the Excel document.

Tips and tricks for accurate reporting

We understand that it can be tricky to get the reports showing the exact information that you want. Below are some useful tips for making good reports:

  • For course status reports, we recommend that the Status column is included. This way you can filter away old completions for a course and only leave the newest enrolment and its status, by filtering and excluding the enrolment that have status Enrolled to refresher.
  • For competence status reports, we recommend that you filter on Type to exclude role and competence group so you are left with only the competence or course requirements. When you then run the macro within the Data tab to calculate completions these numbers will only include the actual requirements and not the Role and Competence groups as well.
  • For competence status reports, we recommend that you select to Hide requirements for competence groups with either/or requirement. This way only only the status on the competence group will appear in the report, instead of e.g. two single courses. Making it clear that there is one requirement and not two.

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5 people found this article helpful