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05. Edit requirements for an existing role

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Competence Roles may need their requirements amending due to several reasons such as changes to the student's Job Role, New legislation etc.

Editing Existing Requirements

To edit the requirements for a role that currently exists, first navigate to the role that you wish to edit. Once on the role, navigate to the requirements section to view all current requirements for the role. On this page, you will be able to edit the priority of the competences (low, medium, high), whether it is mandatory for the role or not and for level competences, you will also be able to amend the level required for the role.

If you require to amend the validity period of certain competences, this can be achieved by accessing the competence and navigating to the Details section. Within here, the validity period can be amended by selecting Repetition Interval and changing the duration in months to the new validity period. Once amended, select Save to complete the action.

Adding and Removing Requirements

If there are requirements that are no longer required for a student's competence role, these can be removed from the role by selecting the Bin icon to the right of this competence within the requirements section of the role. If the competence that you wish to remove is located within a competence group, this icon will not show and you will be required to access the competence group and remove the competence from its requirements instead of the role.

If there are new requirements for a student's job role, these can be added by selecting one of the icons in the top right of the roles requirements page depending on whether the competence already exists in the catalogue or if it is being created from scratch.

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12 people found this article helpful