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06. Create a new course

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You can create your own courses on Trainingportal. Courses can consist of e-learning content such as SCORM files, converted PPTs or videos, as well as other activities such as classroom sessions, checklists, assignments, pre-test and exam. If you would just like to add a record for a course taken outside of Trainingportal this can be uploaded in the system as well.

Create a new course

To create a new course navigate to the Courses tab, and select the create course option. You will then be taken through a create course wizard. You can choose to go through the steps, or click save and quit to create a course shell and then add information and content later.

Each course has a menu on the left-hand side. where you can see the information and settings for the course.

OverviewOverview of course information and participation
DetailsCourse information and description

Add an image here to create a bespoke course tile image that is visible in the student user interface.


Course settings such as status, course type and repetition


Participation on the course. Will show all users enrolled to the course along with their status.


Content added to the course such as pre-test, e-learning, checklists, assignments or exam.

There can only be one pre-test and one exam on a course.


Visible on classroom and blended courses.

Class dates will have to be added here before enrolling users.


Notifications can be added to courses.

The system can send out automatic notifications to inform of a course enrolment, reminder of outstanding courses still to be completed, repetition requirements or completions.

Enrolment Rules

Enrolment rules added for the course.

By default the enrolment rule is set to only allow admins to enroll users to the course.

Self-enrolment to courses and refresher courses require Open enrolment to students.

CategoriesCategories can be added to the course.

Group courses for easy browsing in the course catalogue for administrators and students.

Triggers that includes the course.

The system can automatically assign users to the course if they are added to a specific organization unit or combination of units. Negative triggers can be added as well to remove the course enrolment (completed courses will not be removed).

Users can't be automatically assigned to classroom or blended courses.

For e-learning courses, we recommend that you review the course before publishing to ensure course runs as expected. You can enroll yourself or a test user to the course from the Users tab.

Once you are happy with your course you can Publish it from the Details tab, and the course will then be available to book as normal.

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10 people found this article helpful