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07. Add Competence Requirements to Users

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After adding training and competence roles in the system, you can then allocate requirements to users in Trainingportal.

Assign roles to users

You can assign training and competence roles and requirements to users either from the individual user's profile or in bulk from the Competence module.

From the user's profile, click the add competence requirement option. You will then be able to select one or multiple roles.

To assign roles in bulk, navigate to the relevant role or competence within the Competence module. Click the add requirement to users button, and you can then select individual users or users within a specific org. unit.

For roles with course requirements, you can choose to enrol users to outstanding course requirements. Note, the system will prevent you from making duplicate enrolments and users will not be enrolled on courses that they already have active enrolments or valid completions for.

Automatic triggers

It is possible to set up automatic triggers and events to assign training and competence profiles to users automatically.

The assignment can be triggered by placing a user in a specific org. unit or a combination of org. units. You will be able to define whether or not the users should be assigned to any course requirements automatically as well. Please note, that users will not be automatically assigned to classroom courses (as you will have to specify which date the user should attend) or either/or requirements (as the system will not know which option the user should complete).

You can also add negative triggers, so that when users are removed from specific org. units or combination of org. units, they are also removed from a training or competence role.

Tip! You can schedule reports and have the system automatically send them to your inbox. This will help you in creating and analysing compliance figures for your employee's training and competence requirements.

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4 people found this article helpful