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08. Training & Competence reports

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There are two different competence status reports available for you to select from. They both include data about the selected users with status on their role and requirements just in a different format and layout.

When generating the report make sure that the correct competence catalogue has been selected.

Competence status report

This report will show selected users, with status and description of their roles and competences, and the latest comments in a list.

The report includes inbuilt macros which allows you to quickly calculate completion percentages for individuals or for different org. units. The macro will also create some quick graphs for you to get a better understanding of your employees compliance.

To use the macros, please navigate to the Data tab and you will find the two options:

  • Generate completion percentage graph grouped by organization unit
  • Generate completion percentage graph grouped by person

The macros will be run based on the data within the Report tab. If you filter the information in this tab, the macros will follow this filtering.

Tip! To get the most accurate completion percentages filter the Type column to only include the actual activities such as competence, competence tests or courses (and remove the role and competence groups rows).

Competence status matrix report

The competence status matrix report will show selected users with status of their roles and competences in a matrix format. The chosen roles and users will be displayed in rows and requirements in columns.

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6 people found this article helpful