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08. Merging Users

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It is possible in Trainingportal to merge duplicate user accounts. If you come across multiple profiles for the same learning in your portal, you will want to merge all of these records into one master record.

To do this, find and select the account for the user that you want to become the master account. Note, the username for this account will be the one that remains in the system. Then, select the merge users icon in the top right-hand corner to begin the merge. Search for the user's details and then select all of the accounts that you would like to merge into the master account.

Once the merge is complete, you will receive an email confirmation and then all training records will be combined.

Tip! If you require several users on your Portal, this can be actioned by our Deployment Team. If you require this, please contact your Key Account Manager who will be able to assist with scheduling this work.

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9 people found this article helpful