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Trainingportal Offline Technical Requirements

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Deployment Requirements - Software


Minimum Requirement

Recommended Requirement

Operating System

Windows Server 2012


Windows Server 2016 or higher
Web ServerApache Tomcat release 8.5.3Apache Tomcat release 8.5.3 or higher

old: MySQL Server version 5.1.31 (Community edition)

new: Couchdb 3.1.1

Couchdb 3.1.1
Java RTEVersion 1.8.0_91Version 1.8.0_91 to 1.8.121
Pre requisites

.NET 3.5

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages for Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022

Must be able to runNode 14.17.6

Deployment Requirements - Hardware


Minimum Requirement

Recommended Requirement


CPU 2 Ghz 3Hhz dual core x86_64 CPU supporting SSE4.2

3 GHz quad core x86_64 CPU supporting SSE4.2 and above
Memory4GB8GB or higher
Hard Disk8GB + eLearning Modules*16GB + eLearning Modules + Extra space in the case that more eLearning Modules are added at a later date.
NetworkStatic TCP/IP address with access to Internet and remote LAN. Intermittent connection acceptable.
Minimum 128 kB/s for content sync.

Minimum 64 kbits/s for registration.

256 kB/s or higher
AudioSounds card installedHeadphones available for optimal experience.

*eLearning Modules are approximately 50-100MB per course.
Contact Mintra for a more detailed estimate.

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