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02. Competence Types

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There are various types of elements that can be used to build a training & competence matrix. Below are the different types of requirements that can be created on Trainingportal:


Competence Roles require certain competence groups or competencies. These requirements must be met for a student to qualify for a role. These will normally be the student's job/ position in the Company.

Competence Group

Competence groups are containers for one or more competencies. This is useful for grouping related competencies and categorising them for easier user visibility. The competence group will only be deemed competent once all of its contained requirements are complete.

CompetenceCompetences are used by the student to provide evidence that they fulfill the requirements in order to be marked competent for each individual competence. This can be achieved by uploading evidence for assessment by an assessor to decide if the student is sufficiently competent to be approved.
ChecklistCompetence checklists can be used when you want the student or an assessor to sign off e.g. that they have completed a task or read a document. The checklist items can be set to only require sign-off by the student or assessor, or both. Note. that for checklists, there is no way for the student to add evidence.
LevelCompetence levels are used to define which level is required to be met in order for a student to be competent for different Roles. These can be be on a scale of 1-5. For example, 1 could be Beginner level & 5 can be Expert Level in relation to the competence.
PracticePractice competences can be used to define how many hours, times, etc a task will need to be carried out in order for the student to be marked as competent for the competence. Practice logs can be entered by the student each time they complete a practice.
TestCompetence tests can be used to assess a student's knowledge in a certain area, similar to exams on courses. The competence tests pull questions from a question bank. Read more about question banks here.

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