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February 22 - Trainingportal Newsletter

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Status Page

Did you know that Mintra has a system status page where system-related information and uptimes are available?

Our dedicated page can be found at and will keep you updated with any system maintenance, unexpected downtime, performance issues and more.

This page will be updated as soon as we schedule any system updates that could affect performance or incur downtime. As ever, we will give plenty of prior warning.

You can keep up-to-date with this page by subscribing, this will notify you by email anytime there is a planned or unplanned event, saving you from checking the page regularly.

There is a general status message showing the current status on all of the systems and then a further breakdown of the individual systems below.

The first section provides a look back that the previous 90 days and details where there have been any outages. The outages do not necessarily mean the whole system was unavailable, it is more likely that it is a smaller part of the system that has had reduced performance.

The system metrics section details the system availability and what we mean by that is can the system be accessed by any user. By default, the graphs will show you details for today, but you can use the controls to view by week or month too.

The final section, past incidents will allow you to review the details of any events within the last two weeks. The link incident history at the bottom will allow you to search back further if required.

We highly recommend that you check out this page and subscribe to keep up-to-date with our service delivery.

Please note: we have recently extended to include further systems and monitoring and therefore only recent history is available for some of the metrics.

Hints and tips

Want some ideas and advice about Trainingportal features? The Service Centre team has some suggestions to consider.

Customised Notifications

Trainingportal notifications are flexible and customisable. Making it possible to add company branding so that they look and feel like an internal organisation-wide email. Customisation options for notifications include:

  • Branded banner in the header
  • Company logo's within the email template
  • Company Signatures
  • Company Contact Details
  • Internal URL's

Please contact our support team if you would like any assistance with setting this up -

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12 people found this article helpful