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Summer 22 - Trainingportal Newsletter

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New assessment player

The assessment player has now been renewed and brought in line with the modern Trainingportal responsive design. All of the great functionality that you have been accustomed to has been updated to give a fresh new intuative look and feel.

Crew Evaluation Test

Mintra have created a Crew Evaluation Test which is designed to support organisations with the training, recruitment and promotion of seafarers.

The online assessment tool evaluates the skillsets of individuals and helps to identify additional training requirements, as defined by the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW), enabling organisations to improve overall performance and competence.
The Crew Evaluation Test also simplifies the candidate screening process by allowing quick and effective identification of the best internal candidates for promotion. Organisations can make quick data-driven decisions by taking advantage of the tool’s adaptive reporting and analytics interface.

The test uses an algorithm to draw questions from a custom database of over 2,000 multiple-choice questions to suit the specific requirements of individuals based on their position, rank and vessel type. Questions and answer options are delivered in a randomised order to accurately verify existing knowledge and reduce the potential for collusion.

The online assessment tool is designed in compliance with the STCW which allows organisations to benchmark the competence of their crews across the industry. Mintra’s Crew Evaluation Test is accessible on any device from Trainingportal.

Automatic enrollments (triggers) in courses

We have introduced a new feature to help streamline the course enrolment process. The feature, triggers, will allow automated course enrolments based on the user's organizational unit(s).

Triggers can be set up and controlled by your portal administrator. There is no limit to the number of Triggers that can be set up, coupled with their flexibility it will allow you to add triggers in a way that supports your business processes.

Triggers allow you to automatically enrol users to single or multiple courses by simply adding the user into an organizational unit.

There are two types of Triggers available:
ANY: Will perform the enrolment if the user is added to ANY of the specified organizational units
ALL: Will perform the enrolment if the user is added to ALL of the specified organizational units

This new way of enrolling users when users are added or moved can be more advanced and manageable than creating and managing very advanced integrations where technical experts are needed. Now the administrator can control everything.

Improved Competence Assessment Workflow

Thanks to your feedback regarding the competence assessment screen, we have made several improvements to the page layout to help with the process flow.

As the process will generally involve assessors working through the assessment screen, starting with the details, then evidence submission, followed by notes and then finishing by using the actions for the candidate is competent or gaps identified. We have updated the layout to ensure that the assessment sections follow this process and the decision actions are at the bottom of the screen. The page layout was updated as part of our most recent realease - this change will only impact the assessment screen for the assessor role.

Hints and tips

Want some ideas and advice about Trainingportal features? The Service Centre team has some suggestions to consider.

Training Compliance Reports - Status Filtering

We recommend that you include the "Status" column in the course status report when you would like to see the completion percentage per user or per organisational unit. The status column will allow you to remove any unwanted records from the report that could potentially affect the overall compliance figures for your companies training requirements.

Excluding the "enrolled to refresher" status from the report for example will ensure that you are only reporting on the most recent enrolment for each course per user.

You can also use this filter to highlight the enrolments that need a refresher or have yet to be completed.

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