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02. The User Profile Overview

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Click the name of a user to view his profile.

Actions you can perform from a profile

  • Change status: Click to activate or deactivate an account.
    • An inactive user will not be able to log in to the system, and will not receive any notifications. All information stored in the account will be saved.
  • Send new password
    • Note: this will generate a new password and send it to the user
  • Enrol in course.
  • View CV. This button will only be visible if CV's are enabled on the portal.
  • Communicate with the user
  • Add competence requirements
  • Add completed competences
  • View\edit complete profile
    • When viewing a complete profile you can also change the information by clicking Edit in the relevant section.
    • Click View simple profile to go back to the basic profile showing courses and competences.
  • Delete the account.
  • Merge user
    • Click this button to find and merge other accounts belonging to the same user
    • Note: The accounts that are being merged will be deleted. All courses and other information will be moved to the current account.

You may also have access to these tabs:

Competence requirements

Read about the Competence requirements tab here.

Other competence

Read about the Other competence tab here.

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