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03. The user's courses

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In the table you can see the courses the user is enrolled to. The table contains the following information and functionality:

Course titleClick on the name to get to A course.
ClassFor courses with classes you can click on the class name to go to the class overview page.
Course TypeRead about the various course types: blended course, classroom course, course package, e-learning course, external course, other course, virtual classroom course.
Enrolled byYou can see the name of the person who has enrolled the user to the course.
Completion date
  • Contains the date the user completed the course. If it is blank, the course is not registered as completed.
  • Can you see an info-icon in this column? This will only be visible if the course completion was set by import of historical records, manually approved by an administrator, or transferred from a Trainingportal offline installation.
Valid UntilIf the course is completed and has time-limited validity, the validity end date is shown here.
StatusRead about the actions here.
CredentialsYou can print the certificate (click on the printer), or send it by e-mail (click on the envelope).
AttachmentsYou can view and download attachments by clicking on the attachment icon . Read about attachments here.
Remove courseClick on the trash icon next to the course to delete the enrollment.
LogFor courses with e-learning, you can click on log to see the progression of the course. In the log you can also see the access period for course products on Trainingportal.

About courses with limited attempts on the exam, where you can reset the log.

RebookFor courses with classes, click on the rebook icon to rebook the user to another class.

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4 people found this article helpful